Sports nutrition for martial arts

Sports nutrition plays a very important role in the success of fighters of various types of martial arts, helping them recover faster between workouts, be more energetic, as well as increase strength and endurance. Let's look at the best and most necessary sports supplements, according to the fighters themselves, which help them gain an advantage over their opponents.
Perhaps the most important supplement in the fighter's diet are protein supplements. Whey protein is a fast–digesting type of protein that is best taken directly after a workout to replenish amino acid levels and help muscles recover faster. There is also a slow protein – casein. Casein protein is absorbed for a long time, allowing you to get a constant release of amino acids into the blood. It is best taken before going to bed or in the morning. This slow release will help keep the recovery process going and protect the muscles from catabolism.
Branched amino acids or BCAAs are extremely important amino acids for muscle repair and muscle tissue enlargement. Additional intake of BCAAs during and after training is a great way to restore and receive the most important amino acids for muscles and their recovery.
Creatine is one of the most important supplements to increase endurance and muscle strength. Most fighters take creatine before a fight to increase their stamina and strength levels. Glucosamine is an important supplement to ensure the health of tendons and ligaments. It will help strengthen the joints, tendons and ligaments of the elbows, knees and ankles and naturally lubricating them so that you are not exposed to injury.
Arginine is a pretty powerful amino acid with very unique abilities. It not only helps to act as a vasodilator, but also helps to increase blood flow to the muscle during activity and the transfer of important nutrients and other ergogenic additives that will be used to improve performance. In combination with caffeine, it has a huge potential to create a synergistic effect for even better results.
In order to fit into the right weight category or reduce weight in order to improve performance, fighters often reduce their carbohydrate intake, subsequently decreasing all important vitamins from their diet. To prevent a lack of vitamins and minerals, there are various complexes. The vitamin and mineral complex contains vital nutrients responsible for many physical functions of the body, including helping to maintain and regulate energy levels, as well as play an important role in metabolism.