Sports nutrition for powerlifting

Unlike bodybuilding, in powerlifting, the appearance and proportionality of your muscles are not so important, here the main task is a constant increase in strength indicators. Therefore, almost all training should be carried out in a power style, with a small number of repetitions, but with a constant progression of working weights.
Without a properly formulated diet and properly selected sports supplements, it will be very difficult to increase strength indicators and muscle mass, this style of training is very exhausting and requires a lot of energy. To solve this problem, we recommend taking a pre-workout complex or energy drinks before training.
Taking creatine is considered very important to increase strength and endurance. Creatine is an essential substance that is contained in our muscles. An additional intake of creatine can provide an increase in strength of up to 20%. The more creatine our muscles contain, the stronger, hardier and more energetic they are.
Building and maintaining muscle mass requires a huge amount of protein and amino acids. Consuming ordinary food, we do not get enough of these elements, we need an additional source, which is protein. To get protein as quickly as possible after training, we recommend taking whey protein, its assimilation takes place within 30 minutes. If you need a slow protein, for taking before going to bed, or in the morning, we recommend casein protein.
For faster recovery after training, as well as to protect against catabolism, it is necessary to take amino acids. Special attention should be paid to BCAA amino acids, since our body does not synthesize them independently and their production is possible only with the help of external reception.
  • While doing powerlifting, you should definitely take care of your ligaments and joints, protecting and strengthening them with special supplements for joints and ligaments, but also do not forget about immunity, getting enough vitamins and minerals.